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Mr Mark Zilla Artist

I’m a self taught artist who uses pencils. Each portrait takes between 6-20 days depending on natural daylight but some have taken up to 43 days.
The over 300 “famous faces” I’ve drawn started with a plan to draw people from film, music, cult TV etc… so realistically that they would notice what I do and it’d lead to greater prosperity in my chosen field.
My Mum says I was “Born with a pencil in my hand.” What that says about hospitals in the early 70’s is anyone’s guess! I’ve created many things you haven’t seen yet because trying to break into any creative career when you’re an unknown without an agent is one of the toughest battles anyone can face. There’s been alot of knock backs and more than likely some more to come¬† but there’s always been a fire that’s driven me to know that one of these drawings will find the right someone.
Happy to create commissions of most subjects including family, children and pets.

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The Ink Pot is a print studio based in the south west in Shepton Montague, Somerset with large format printers. Offering services to artists, photographers and business alike. This site has been created in support of the The Ink Pot's artists which look a getting their work into the public eye and to help generate sales of which the commission generated goes to the Ink Pot Artist Fund

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