Nick Du Boulay

Beauty in simplicity

Nick Du Boulay Photographer

When I look through my viewfinder, I see the sacred in the profane. An ornament as the guardian of love for the dead. A ruin as a gateway to the infinite. A grass as the juxtaposition of chaos and order within Nature.

I am inspired by the contrast of beauty confined by its structure, with the boundless freedom of the sublime. A manmade ruin beneath a stormy sky. The tranquil symmetry of falling water into the turbulence of a whirlpool.

By working with light and shadow, obscure angles and perspective, I hope to capture a unique image that invites you on a journey through the mundane to the sacred.


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The Ink Pot is a print studio based in the south west in Shepton Montague, Somerset with large format printers. Offering services to artists, photographers and business alike. This site has been created in support of the The Ink Pot's artists which look a getting their work into the public eye and to help generate sales of which the commission generated goes to the Ink Pot Artist Fund

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Higher Farm

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